It is becoming increasingly common in new build properties to have more insulation and less substrate when building the internal walls. Giving the house a higher EPC rating but subsequently having less strength in the walls when using standard fixings, and with the Rugby World Cup fast approaching thousands of households across the UK will be setting up their new TV’s.

Introducing the SNAPTOGGLE. Also know as the heavy duty anchor the SNAPTOGGLE has an Ultimate Weight Load* of 120kg in standard 12.5mm plasterboard and with just a 13mm drilled hole needed for the fixing it as tidy as it is strong. Even with the most excessive TV’s you can be sure to fix with confidence.

In addition to having large strength loads, SNAPTOGGLE is also one of the simplest plasterboard fixings to install. The fixing takes seconds to use thanks to its patented strap design. The three simple steps for using SNAPTOGGLE with a wall-hung TV would be as follows:

  1. Drill the 13mm holes into the plasterboard wall in the area desired.
  2. Slide the fixings through each of the holes and pull the cap down the straps to the plasterboard
  3. Snap the straps off level with the flange of the caps.
  4. Place the TV mounting bracket over the caps then insert and tighten up the bolt to hold the bracket into place.

And just like that, you have your new TV securely fixed to the wall with confidence that it will hold up for not only the Rugby World Cup, but for years to come.

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