When it comes to fitting radiators to plasterboard it is crucial to ensure that the wall bracket is fixed into place with fixings that have the strength to hold up the weight of the system. This is because although the fixings provided with the wall bracket may appear to be strong enough it is possible that they are not (a risk not worth taking), which is why it is always a safer option to buy fixings specifically designed to hold large amounts of weight on plasterboard, such as the TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE. The weight of the radiator will depend on the type and size and in some cases the fixings provided with the radiator may not be of the strength needed to hold it in place.

Central Heating radiators can range from 300 x 600mm to 600 x 2400mm and can weight between 5kg-85kg+, therefore you will need to choose a plasterboard fixing that has the strength to hold the bracket in place with the radiator attached. Although the weight of a radiator is spread out more evenly than that of a boiler due to their larger surface area and thinner design, it is still essential to choose fixings that are guaranteed to hold the system up.

SNAPTOGGLE would be the ideal fixing to use for a radiator that is being fixed to a plasterboard wall as it is designed for applications that require heavy items to be hung from plasterboard. Also, with a range of six different SNAPTOGGLE fixings each with different Tensile and Shear strengths (see chart below), there is no doubt that you will find one that is suited to your individual application. Radiators can cost between £10 – £300+ depending on the type and size, meaning if your looking to hang one to a plasterboard wall it would be a smart investment to use TOGGLER and guarantee the rigidity of the fixing and protection of your walls.

As the SNAPTOGGLE only requires a 13mm hole drilled into the wall this allows for a greater strength than other fixings as it means the wing has a larger surface area to lock onto, therefore keeping it firmly in place. Not only that, the SNAPTOGGLE uses one rectangle wing across the entire hole making it much less likely to be pulled back through the hole. 

In addition to TOGGLER fixings having large strength loads, they also are one of the simplest plasterboard fixings to operate. SNAPTOGGLE takes seconds to use as there are no tools required and it simply take three steps to fix it into place. The steps for using SNAPTOGGLE with a radiator would be as follows:

1.  Drill the 13mm holes into the plasterboard wall in the area desired.

2.  Slide the fixings through each of the holes and pull the cap down the straps to the plasterboard and then snap the straps off level with the flange of the caps. 

3.  Place the radiator bracket over the caps then insert and tighten up the bolt to hold the bracket into place.

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