Solution Sunday- Fixing Boilers to Plasterboard Walls

As with our blog post based around radiators, boilers too must be hung using a mounting bracket when used in conjunction with plasterboard walls. When it comes to fitting boilers to plasterboard it is crucial to ensure that the wall bracket is fixed into place with fixings that have the strength to hold up the weight of the boiler. This means that the same issues can occur (fixing failure) with boilers if fixed in using plasterboard fixings that are not of a suitable strength. Boilers come in a range of dimensions and weights usually depending on their heat output (the higher the output, the larger the boiler). The type of boiler will also affect its weight as combi boilers (provides both heating and hot water) will weigh more than that of a traditional “Heating Only” boiler.

Boilers can weigh within the range of 20kg-50kg+ making them perfect for SNAPTOGGLE fixings, showing that no matter what the application TOGGLER has a solution. If not, there is the chance that the boiler will pull the bracket out of the wall which can be a costly mistake (boiler prices can range from £500-£2,000), when TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE fixings cost little to nothing in comparison! Below is a chart displaying the tensile and shear strength of the SNAPTOGGLE fixings for comparison with boiler weight.

Another benefit of the SNAPTOGGLE is that for the amount of weight each fixing can hold up, it still only requires a 13mm hole to go through which is relatively small when compared to other comparable fixings. The advantage of this is that the larger the hole in the plasterboard is the weaker the fixing becomes, as there is less surface area for the metal channel of the fixing to lock onto. This means that the fixing is more prone to being pulled back through the plasterboard whereas SNAPTOGGLE, with its long metal channel and small drill diameter, will remain securely locked into place.

In addition to TOGGLER fixings having such large strength loads, they also are one of the simplest plasterboard fixings to operate. SNAPTOGGLE takes seconds to install as there are no tools required and it simply take three steps to fix it into place. The steps for using SNAPTOGGLE with a boiler would be as follows:

1. Drill the 13mm holes into the plasterboard wall in the area desired.

2. Slide the fixings through each of the holes and pull the cap down the straps to the plasterboard and then snap the straps off level with the flange of the caps. 

3. Place the boiler bracket over the caps then insert and tighten up the bolt to hold the bracket into place.