Superior heavy-duty plasterboard fixings range



Find a solution to suit every fixing application.

Renowned worldwide for their quality and design integrity, TOGGLER Fixings have quickly become the professional go-to product for heavy-duty plasterboard fixings in the UK. Manufactured entirely in the USA since the company’s formation in 1968, the TOGGLER range is made up of 4 unique fixings. Each fixing has been designed to provide endless solutions to many of the awkward and demanding tasks professionals face when having to install items to cavity and solid walls.


TOGGLER Snaptoggle - Heavy Duty Toggle Bolt

Holds up to

in 12.5mm Plasterboard


An advanced toggle bolt ideal for fixing heavy items to hollow walls.


  • Massive Time Saver

Vastly quicker and easier to install than other anchors on the market.

  • Exceptionally strong

Up to twice as strong as old fashioned wing toggle bolts.

  • Corrosion resistant

Longlife plating is 7x better than previous plating.

  • Money saver

Turn a 2 person job in to a 1 man operation


TOGGLER Snapskru - Self-Drilling Plasterboard Fixing

Holds up to

in 12.5mm Plasterboard

Quick Overview

Self-drilling anchor ideal for fast installation of medium load items to plasterboard.


  • Stronger

Holds over 80% more than comparable anchors.

    • Locked

Locks to the wall to resists vibration and shock

    • Easy Installation

Activates with an audible ‘pop’ to indicate correct installation

    • Versatile

Works with 3.5mm, 4.0mm & 4.5mm ⌀ screws


TOGGLER Alligator - Multi-purpose Wall Fixing

Holds up to
39kg / 1401kg

in 12.5mm Plasterboard / Concrete

Quick Overview

An all-purpose plug ideal for applications in solid walls, but also works in hollow walls.


  • Superior Strength

Out holds most metal, adhesive, epoxy and chemical anchors of same size

    • Works in ANY Substrate

High strength fastening in both solid walls and hollow/cavity walls.

    • Simple But Versatile

Rust-proof, non-toxic and accepts a wide range of screws.

    • Proven Holding Values

Expand up to twice its own length and bonds screw to concrete & masonry.


TOGGLER Superior Hollow Wall Anchor

Holds up to

in 12.5mm Plasterboard

Quick Overview

Plastic toggle anchors ideal for secure, vibration-proof holding power.


  • Stronger

Holds over 80% more than comparable anchors.

    • Locked

Locks to the wall to resists vibration and shock

    • Easy Installation

Activates with an audible ‘pop’ to indicate correct installation

    • Versatile

Works with 3.5mm, 4.0mm & 4.5mm ⌀ screws



Save Time!

Each TOGGLER fixing is incredibly quick to install which increases productivity and therefore saves you money.

> Very quick and easy to install
> Installed and ready to use in seconds
> Increased Productivity
> Speed and simplicity

Exceptionally Strong!

Providing some of the strongest weight loading values on the market, TOGGLER fixings make securing heavy items to plasterboard easy!

> Secure & trust items on plasterboard
> Tested to 120kg in plasterboard
> Locked – for a truly secure fastening
> Up to 80% more holding power

So Simple!

TOGGLER anchors combine high performance with simple & practical fixing concepts, to make your job easier and hassle-free.

> A simple to understand anchor range
> A fixing for every application
> No special setting tools needed
> No complicated installation methods

Fix With Confidence!

TOGGLER fixings are all made to the same exacting standards, meaning you can depend on TOGGLER to provide the best fixings possible.

> Tried and tested anchor range
> Proven to last the test of time
> Renowned worldwide
> Made in the USE since 1968




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