Wall-mounted panel heaters are a cost-effective alternative to electric radiators, suitable for use in both commercial and domestic properties. These systems are ideal for rooms that are occupied less frequently.

The process behind fixing the heater to a wall is relatively simple. However, due to their low-cost design, the fixings provided with the heater are often poor in quality and therefore weak.  This will cause issues when securing the heater, as its weight and thus the pressure placed on the fixing will be more than it can withstand. Resulting in the fixing being pulled back through the wall (fixing failure). An expensive mistake to be making, as replacing the broken heater and fixing damage caused to the wall, will cost more than simply using higher quality fixings to secure it in the first place.

This is where the ALLIGATOR Anchor comes into play. The TOGGLER ALLIGATOR is an all-purpose plug anchor designed for heavy-duty applications in solid walls but also holds securely when used in weaker cavities, such as hollow brick or plasterboard. Providing strength and security, the ALLIGATOR plug is a suitable solution for fixing heaters of all sizes in almost any substrate.

As mentioned above, one of the key benefits of the ALLIGATOR plug is that it is suited for fixing within both solid and hollow walls. Therefore, if you’re looking to fix panel heaters in either structural walls or partition walls the ALLIGATOR will provide a secure fixing for each application. Removing the cost of buying fixings that are designed specifically for each wall type, as the ALLIGATOR will work in both. Refer to the table below, for the Shear and Tensile strengths of the ALLIGATOR Plug range.

Along with its strength, the ALLIGATOR plug provides a number of other benefits when put against comparable fixings on the market. Other solid wall anchors such as shield and expansion anchors require; a precise hole to be drilled, a calibrated torque wrench for installation and won’t work in an unforeseen cavity. Filtering out a large proportion of the applications in which they can be used for, and elongates the process of correctly installing them into the wall.

Chemical and epoxy anchors are high in cost, time-consuming to install and require specific conditions to set correctly. Each of these issues will reduce productivity when installing the anchors in to the wall, especially for applications where multiple fixings are required.

The Alligator plug, whereas, can be installed in seconds using any drill, due to its anti-rotation fins that prevent spinning of the fixing. The anchor sets instantly and accepts a wide range of screws. All of these factors should be considered when installing panel heaters, as they can have a significant impact on the time and effort that is required when securing the heater.

When using the ALLIGATOR Plug, a panel heater can be securely mounted to the wall in 3 simple steps:

  1. Drill a hole into the chosen wall, with the same diameter as the anchor.
  2. Push the anchor into the hole and tap until flush with the wall.
  3. Place the panel heater over the fixing and insert the screw through the designated area, before tightening into the anchor until flush with the wall.

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