As we’re coming up to the start of the 2019-20 Premier League football season, thousands of households across the UK will be setting up their old and new TV’s in anticipation for the opening match (August 9th). However, many of those preparing to watch the game will have an unexpected shock when their valuable TV is pulled off their wall, due to failure of the fixings provided with it.

To ensure your TV remains fixed to the wall for the entire football season, and many years to come; we recommend SNAPTOGGLE.

These days, the trend appears to be more and more households moving towards larger, and consequently heavier television systems. With flat screen TV’s weighing in the range of 3-70kg+ (depending of type/size), it is highly important to choose an anchor that will guarantee a secure fixing, with no risks being taken. This is where SNAPTOGGLE comes into play. SNAPTOGGLE is the ideal fixing to use when looking to firmly secure heavy objects to any cavity wall including plasterboard.

With an Ultimate Weight Load (UWL) of 120kg in 12.5mm plasterboard*, SNAPTOGGLE provides enough strength to firmly hold any TV onto a cavity wall, without the worry of fixing failure.

Not to mention, the SNAPTOGGLE only requires a small 13mm drill hole, along with its long pivoting head which locks into place over the hole, allowing an even weight distribution across the entire fixing. This locks the fixing in place, ensuring you can put your beloved TV up with confidence.

In addition to having a high weight loading, SNAPTOGGLE is also one of the simplest plasterboard fixings to install. The three simple steps for using SNAPTOGGLE with a wall-mounted TV would be as follows:

1. Drill the 13mm holes into the plasterboard wall in the area desired.

2. Slide the fixings through each of the holes and pull the cap down the straps to the plasterboard and then snap the straps off level with the flange of the caps.

3. Place the TV mounting bracket over the caps then insert and tighten up the bolt to hold the bracket into place.

And just like that, you have your TV securely fixed to the wall ready for the start of the football season, with no danger of it falling down.

*The recommended safe working load is a quarter of the Ultimate Working Load (UWL)

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